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Macrame Wall Hangings

If something you're interested in is out of stock, please send me a message. I am delighted to take commissions if you have specifics needs for your space.

If you're local to Philadelphia and would like to see a piece in person, please send me a message. I am also happy to arrange a viewing virtually. 

Pieces are made with natural plant dyes, handmade bronze ornaments, and hung from driftwood, reclaimed wood, saguaro spine, or steel with alcohol ink. Specific materialls are listed under each piece.

In Inca civilization, rather than "written" language, people had a system of knot tying the recorded information and ideas. We understand intuitively that any narrative is a rich tapestry, the connection of many threads woven that somehow come together to make a cohesive whole. This is my story of learning to be soft with myself and cultivating peace. Click for title and description
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